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Malaysia property market has soften as compared to the past few years. There are opportunities for property investors who are willing to look the longer-term at the Malaysian Property market that looks positive with a sustainable outlook. The Malaysian economy is at a period when it is able to grow sustainable, even during a global slowdown. At the beginning of 2018, the ringgit has started to strengthen due to Malaysia’s stronger trade performance and higher oil prices have helped lift the currency after a prolonged period of decline.

Can Foreigners buy property in Malaysia?

Before you start searching to buy Malaysia property, its good to understand some of the rules and regulations of Malaysia property for sale to foreigners.

Malaysia, probably the only country in Southeast Asia where foreigners can own land easily and directly from developer sales or resale. There are wider selection from condominium, houses and townhouses.

There’s a some restrictions;

A minimum purchase requirement for foreign purchasers. The purpose of this is to allow foreign buyers in the mid to high-end segment, while not letting them drive up the value of homes in the price range of normal, everyday Malaysians.

Typically the minimum purchase requirement is RM1 Million, but in the State of Selangor it’s RM2 Million and foreigners may only purchase landed properties if they’re in gated communities etc.

Foreigner are restricted to buy property designated as “Bumiputra only” – Bumiputra meaning ethnic, Muslim Malays. At times, the property developer can apply to remove the restriction to enable foreign buyer to purchase.

For any off plan development, the developer will usually allocate the Bumi lots reserved. So it is rather safe to purchase without going through all the checks before purchase.

HDB Owner in Singapore

For HDB owners in Singapore, other than the regulation in Malaysia, you must also take note of the HDB regulation. If you are a HDB owner, you must fulfill your MOP (minimum occupation period), if you are buying any residential developments in Singapore as well as overseas. Typically the MOP period is 5 years.

Exception for the RM 1M threshold requirements

Medini Iskandar property for sale in Johor Malaysia has no restriction on foreign ownership, minimum price threshold for foreigner buying property in Malaysia. Medini Iskandar is designated as a special economic zone. But under this zoning, the property developments are mostly leasehold instead of freehold property.

Taxes in Malaysia

Real Property Gains Tax

Real Property Gains Tax also known as RPGT, is a form of Capital Gains Tax that is chargeable on the profit gained from the disposal of real property in Malaysia.

In simple words, RPGT is basically the tax on chargeable gains derived from the sale of your land or a property. While a chargeable gain is the profit that you make for selling a property at a higher price than purchase price.

For instance, you bought a property in 2006 at RM 500k. Few years later, you sold the property to others at RM 700k, so, you gaining a RM 200k profit from selling the property. Then you will be taxed of your RM 200k profit.

The holding period prior to its sale is from the date on the S&P Agreement till to the disposal date.

The guide on RPGT rates are as follows:

Disposal of propertyMalaysia citizen & PR)Non-Citizens & Non-PRCompanies
Disposal within 3 years from the date of property purchase30%30%30%
Disposal in 4thyear20%30%20%
Disposal in 5thyear15%30%15%
Disposal in 6thyear and subsequent year05%5%

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Other charges when you are buying property in Malaysia.

A guide on estimated charges of buying property in Johor Bahru(JB) and Kuala Lumpur(KL).

Charges/FeesCalculation (Estimates)FrequencyRemarks
Stamp Duty(MOT)Base on Purchase Price

First RM100k = 1%

Subsequent up to RM500k = 2%

Remaining = 3%


one timeSimple Formula is Purchase Price (above RM500k) x 3% -RM6000
Registration FeeBased on purchase price

RM1,000,000-RM 1,050,000=RM 3,100

any additional 50k=RM100

one timeRegistration Fee for Kuala Lumpur Properties is RM100 regardless of the purchase price of the properties.
Stamp Duty for Loan Agreement0.5% x Loan amount (excluding MRTA)If taking any loan
Legal Fee for SPABased on purchase price

First RM 150,000 x 1%

Next RM 850,000 x 0.7%

Next RM 2,000,000 x 0.6%

one time
Legal Fee for Loan AgreementBased on total loan amount

First RM 150,000 x 1%

Next RM 850,000 x 0.7%

Next RM 2,000,000 x 0.6%

one timeIf taking any loan
State levyApplication fee: RM1,000

Upon approval: RM20,000 of 2% of purchase price, whichever is higher.

one timeNot applicable for KL property

Property market investment in Malaysia

Malaysia as an Overseas Property market investment a has traditionally been a hotspot for Singaporean and overseas property investors for many reasons;
-Lower cost of hosing
-Lower cost of living
-Owning a property as a holiday or retirement home etc.

Singapore’s high cost of living is due largely to Singapore’s government high land price policy. REITS raise rents and retailers pass on the cost to consumers, Car price and parking fees, hospitals beds are more expensive than hotel suites etc. Many Singaporeans cannot afford to retire in Singapore. Some want to retire in Bangkok or Malaysia for their cheaper healthcare cost and livable city conditions. That is partial the reason why Singaporeans had been investing in Malaysia property as a retirement home particularly in Johor Bahru with the close proximity to Singapore.

Reason to Invest in Malaysia Property

Affordable property prices in Asia

  • Malaysia property is still one of Asia most affordable investment in the region with good growth amidst a resilient economy.

Robust and stable economy

  • GDP had been around 4-6% in recent years which is at a healthy range.
  • Ranking being the top 6th country in the world as the most easiest and friendliness in doing business by World Bank.
  • Malaysia rank top country to invest in with the top recipients of foreign direct investment, and its pro-business government offers a wide range of incentives to investors.

Undervalued Ringgit currency

  • Ringgit is undervalued for quite a while making it one of the most undervalued currency in Asia market.  With the weak currency exchange, investors are taking this opportunity to invest in Malaysia. It’s set to rebound in the coming years.

The Malaysia Government program, the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), is on track to propel Malaysia to become a developed nation. Malaysia currency has weaken against Singapore dollars making it more attractive and affordable.

The Overseas investment potential in KL

When buying property in Kuala Lumpur for foreigner, they will mostly take these factors into consideration;

-KL is the capital city of Malaysia, a gateway city for international companies to have their presence in Malaysia.
-A transformation of KL to Greater KL to cater for a higher populationset to grow.
-Improvements to transportation networks within the city contribute to KL’s long-term investment potential.

Property investment_KL Future LRT and MRT

-The upcoming High Speed Rail (HSR) connecting Singapore and Malaysia, making it more accessible between both countries.

The Overseas investment potential in JB

Johor Bahru will go through transformation. Starting with the government initiative of the IIBD.

thomsom Line MRT to JB

Train service from Singapore will link to JB.


Click on the link to explore more; Overseas Development for sale.

JB Property for Sale

Suasana Iskandar near JB checkpoint
Mixed development in Iskandar JB

Suasana Iskandar Malaysia

A Freehold Tri-Development consists of a 4-star hotel, mall and residential unit. at Johor Bahru City Center within the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD). Along the corridors of Jalan Wong Ah Fook and Jalan Trus.  A short walking distance to JB Sentral and Johor Immigration (CIQ).

Located at Johor Bahru City Center within the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD). Along the corridors of Jalan Wong Ah Fook and Jalan Trus.  A short walking distance to JB Sentral and Johor Immigration Checkpoint(CIQ).

Prices starting from only Rm 7xxk. Last few development available to foreigner below Rm 1 million.

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 KL Property for Sale

The Luxe KL

The Luxe KL @ Kuala Lumpur City Center. Developed by Singapore developer with steady track record, Infinitum, Macly Group & Roxy-Pacific Holdings.

Freehold mixed development(with retail outlets) beside a major shopping mall, Monorail(train) station and hotels. Dual keys concept for all units to maximize rental yield. Own freehold condominium in KLCC, with attractive rebates and discounts (S$15K to start).


Click the below link to understand more on the country’s taxes, rules and regulation when buying overseas property.

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*Disclaimer*: Regulated by CEA. All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount . Such activities may not be suitable for everyone. This is an overseas investment. As overseas investments carry additional financial, regulatory and legal risks, investors are advised to do the necessary checks and research on the investment beforehand. Details of Guaranteed Rental Returns will be accompanied with respective Sales & Purchase Agreement.